The X-meeting

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About the Xmeeting

Bioinformatics is now a strategic area for Brazil and all Latin America and, therefore, it is also strategic to the development of Science, Technology and Economy. The X-Meeting is a Brazilian event with international reach which has an average of 400 participants. The Conference is an opportunity for students, researchers and companies to interact and diffuse knowledge. The AB3C has been a pioneer society in the field of Bioinformatics in Brazil and we have a history of ten past very productive meetings:

Year Venue Participants
2003 Ribeirão Preto (Icobicobi)  400
2004 Angra dos Reis (Icobicobi) 400
2005 Caxambu 300
2006 Fortaleza (with ISCB - ISMB) 1000
2007 São Paulo 350
2008 Salvador 300
2009 Angra dos Reis 350
2010 Ouro Preto 400
2011 Florianópolis (with SoIBio) 450
2012  Campinas 350
2013 Recife 310
2014 Belo Horizonte 410
2015 São Paulo 324
2016 Belo Horizonte 383
2017 São Pedro 200
2018 São Pedro 210



Welcome to X-meeting eXperience

November 09th and 10th 2020

This year our conference will be a little bit different. Due to the COVID19 and all the maneuvers needed for social distancing, the X-Meeting XP will be completely virtual and free to all AB³C active members. Check the AB³C official web site for a VERY special discount!


X-meeting eXperience program

Xpress presentation

All attendees are invited to submit a 4 minutes video presentation of your work. 

All presentations will compete for the best presentation by a board and audience choice award.


Special interest Groups

We will made available some virtual rooms for SIGs from different topics. All are invited to submit an proposal for it


Thesis and Dissertation Award

The AB3C Thesis and Dissertations Award will select the best Bioinformatics PhD thesis and master dissertation, approved, from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

Keynote lecture

We are going to have four keynote virtual lecture, program will be release soon!


 Much more to come!!

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