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RNA and Transcriptomics - 16th November   
Code Subm ID Presented by Tittle
TR01 36482 Adriele Vieira de Souza miRNAs Expression and in silico Prediction of Targets Related with Resistant Exercise and Carbohydrate/Protein Supplementation
TR02 38832 Alan Péricles Rodrigues Lorenzetti Lsm-bound antisense RNAs play role in Halobacterium salinarum NRC-1 transposition regulation
TR03 38541 Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon De novo transcriptome assembly of the extremophile plant Calotropis procera
TR04 38631 Ana Paula Vimieiro Martins Tityus serrulatus venom gland: new sodium channel toxins through RNA-Seq
TR05 37368 Andre Luiz Martins Reis Annotation and analysis of the dynamics of splice acceptor sites in Trypanosoma cruzi under gamma radiation stress
TR06 38645 André Mauricio Ribeiro dos Santos PiRNA signatures of adjacent to tumor tissue as potential biomarkers of gastric carcinogenesis
TR07 38939 André Rocha Barbosa Differential Gene Expression Analysis of Placentas from Mus musculus Exposed to Different Stress Conditions
TR08 38683 Antônio Pedro de Castello Branco da Rocha Camargo Analysis of the lincRNA transcriptome in the accessory olfactory system
TR09 36385 Carlos Bruno de Araujo Preliminary analysis of microRNAs and their pathway genes in the genome of Globodera pallida.
TR10 37463 Aline Duarte Gomes Differential expression in colorectal cancer progression
TR11 37309 Cristóvão Antunes de Lanna Comparative analysis of gene expression data between colorectal cancer cell lines with wild-type and silenced MMR genes
TR12 37318 Daniela de Laet Souza Functional and structural characterization of RBP42 in Trypanosoma cruzi
TR13 37319 Daniela Ferreira Chame RNA-binding proteins ALBA3 and DRBD3 characterization on Trypanosoma cruzi under gamma irradiation stress
TR14 36741 Danillo Cunha de Almeida e Silva Archaeal RNA polymerase pausing modeling and its gene expression control impacts
TR15 36420 Deborah Antunes Human riboswitch: are we close to predicting it?
TR16 37375 Eddie Luidy Imada De novo assembly of Trypanosoma cruzi strain CL Brener transcriptome
TR17 37487 Edson Oliveira Comparative transcriptome profiling of virulent and non-virulent Trypanosoma cruzi underlines a role of surface proteins during infection
TR18 37378 Erik de Oliveira Martins Evaluating RNA single bulges with a mesoscopic model
TR19 38885 Fabio Ivan Reinoso Vilca Proposal of a data mining pipeline to improve bacterial small RNA prediction
TR20 38810 Felipe Ciamponi Caprin-1 binding profile to target RNAs via enhanced CLIPseq
TR21 37970 Fernanda Alves de Freitas Guedes Transcriptional memory contributes to tolerance to multiple drought exposures in coffee (Coffea canephora) plants
TR22 38412 Fernanda Cristina Medeiros de Oliveira The assessment of the impact of small deletions within human protein domains using transcriptome data: a preliminary analysis.
TR23 38303 Flavia Figueira Aburjaile Integrative analysis of transcriptomics and metabolomics data: adaptation of Propionibacterium freudenreichii to long-term survival in nutritional shortage
TR24 37436 Gabriela Flavia Rodrigues Luiz Transcriptome profiling in Leishmania amazonensis promastigotes associated with virulence attenuation
TR25 37349 Izabela Coimbra Ibraim Transcriptome analysis of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in an iron deficient environment
TR26 37812 Izabela Ferreira Optimized RNA nearest-neighbor enthalpy and entropy parameters as function of salt concentration
TR27 38437 Jean Carlos Machado da Costa Non-coding RNAs in the genus Aeromonas
TR28 38381 Jéssica Noronha Blanco Single nucleotide variation analysis in microrna target regions in colorectal cancer
TR29 36652 Júlia Silveira Queiroz Preliminary analysis of Dicer-like genes in Cucumber genome
TR30 37137 Katia de Paiva Lopes Transcriptome meta-analysis reveals the human organs evolution
TR31 37488 Kendi Nishino Miyamoto Acute Myeloid Leukemia gene co-expression networks and differential expression analysis in blood and bone marrow samples
TR32 40035 Luciana M. Oliveira Transcriptional landscape of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: an isolate presenting no dimorphism shift
TR33 38393 Luciana Souto Mofatto Transcriptome analysis of high-temperature stress in yeast during industrial scale bioethanol production
TR34 37820 Lucio Rezende Queiroz Sequence-independent metagenomic analysis of animal viromes based on molecular characteristics of small RNAs
TR35 38614 Luiz Augusto Bovolenta Integrative bioinformatics data analysis of Nile Tilapia microRNAs
TR36 37336 Matheus Carvalho Bürger Long Noncoding RNAs in Patients with Dengue: Insights into Gene Regulation
TR37 38598 Mauro de Medeiros Oliveira TFBS prediction in sugarcane using binding sites prediction from PlantTFDB server
TR38 38793 Michele Araújo Pereira Trypanosoma cruzi coding transcriptome in response to gamma radiation
TR39 38533 Natasha Jorge PIWI-interacting RNA and small nucleolar RNA signatures of smokers and non-smokers in lung adenocarcinoma
TR40 37321 Nayara Toledo Occurrence of differential alternative splicing in the transcriptome of mice hearts infected with two strains of Trypanosoma cruzi
TR41 38224 Pâmella Miranda de Moura Effect of Cy3 and Cy5 dyes on the hydrogen bonds of oligonucleotides
TR42 37458 Rajesh Kumar Gazara De novo transcriptome assembly and comparative expression profiling of midgut tissues of four non-model insects
TR43 37811 Raquel Calloni Non-coding RNAs putatively acting as ceRNAs in embryonic stem cells
TR44 37399 Rodolfo Vieira Maximiano Study on the variation of RNA Secondary Structure prediction as a function of Thermodynamic Parameters
TR45 37410 Rodrigo Bentes Kato Analysis and comparison of force field of RNA using molecular dynamic simulations.
TR46 37494 Samara Damasceno Large scale transcriptional analysis of an animal model of seizures
TR47 38835 Samara Mireza Correia de Lemos Non coding RNAs in Coffea canephora genome: Identification by similarity.
TR48 38515 Sandra Grossi Gava Altered gene expression by control unspecific dsRNAs: an inquiry
TR49 38043 Tamires Priscila Mirtrons: computational feature analysis and miRNA comparison
TR50 37965 Tatianne da Costa Negri LncRNAplant-Finder: a tool for predicion of long non coding RNAs in plants
TR51 38884 Thaís de Almeida Ratis Ramos Distinguishing coding and non-coding RNA sequences and improving its functional annotation using machine learning approaches
TR52 38273 Thiago Cardoso Pereira Carneiro SNP discovery in the Klebsiella pneumoniae transcriptome after polymyxin B induction in combination with abiotic stresses using RNA-Seq technology
TR53 38802 Pâmela Marinho Rezende Combined genome guided and long reads assembly of the Coffea arabica trascriptome
TR54 38805 Pâmela Marinho Rezende Assembly, identification and characterisation of sugarcane transcripts
TR55 38818 Thales Henrique Cherubino Ribeiro Comparison of the Expression profile between embryogenic and non-embryogenic Coffea arabica L. calli through RNA-Seq data analyses using combination of DE algorithms
TR56 38826 Thales Henrique Cherubino Ribeiro Genome-wide identification and in silico characterization of microRNAs and their targets in Ananas comosus L.
TR57 38722 Thiago Mafra Batista Molecular diversity of the venom gland from Peruvian scorpion Hadruroides lunatus revelead by transcriptome analysis.
TR58 37300 Tiago Bruno Rezende de Castro Transcriptome analysis of mice hearts infected with two strains of Trypanosoma cruzi: Insights into the parasite effects on the host gene expression
TR59 37735 Vivianne Basílio Barbosa Determining the stability of DNA/RNA hybrid duplexes
TR60 38688 Willian Santos Prado Identifying gene clusters in the genome of Trypanosoma cruzi
Phylogeny and Evolution – 16th November   
Code Subm ID Presented by Tittle
PE01 38669 Alberto F. de Oliveira Junior key amino acids in understanding evolutionary characterization of Mn/Fe-Superoxide Dismutase: A phylogenetic and structural analysis of proteins from Corynebacterium and hosts
PE02 37157 Anderson Coqueiro dos Santos B-cell epitopes prediction in trypanosomatids genome core
PE03 37543 Anderson Fernandes de Brito Reconstructing ancestral protein-protein interactions of virus-host systems
PE04 38609 Antonio A A Pires Tardigrades (Ecdysozoa: Tardigrada) A general review of the record in gene database of Cytochrome Oxydase I (COI) and the Damage Suppressor gene (DSUP).
PE05 37593 Beatriz Moura Kfoury de Castro Study of the origin of the genes controlling flower development
PE06 37275 Braulio Roberto Gonçalves Marinho Couto Construction of alternative algorithm for development of phylogenetic trees using InterPro entries and frequency vectors of tri-peptide
PE07 38542 Camilla Reginatto De Pierri mtDNA Data Mining: A Global Analysis
PE08 38520 Carlos Alberto Xavier Gonçalves GO-Genesis: finding the origin of biological processes and molecular functions from Gene Ontology
PE09 37406 Daniela Ambros Quinsani Inferring the demographic history of Cnesterodon brevirostratus using bioinformatics tools
PE10 38944 Edgar Lacerda de Aguiar Study of new molecular markers for Phylogenetic reconstruction of the black fungus in humans
PE11 38407 Edson Machado Filho ProteinWorldDB in a multidimensional representation of the Network of Life
PE12 38886 ELISSON NOGUEIRA LOPES Evolutionary origin of the proteins involved in the entry of and defense to the Ebola virus in the host cell
PE13 38720 Eric Roberto Guimarães Rocha Aguiar Analyzing molecular characteristics of small RNAs to assess the evolution of RNAi pathways
PE14 36692 Fenícia Brito Evolution of heterotrophy: Genes needed for regulation of the acidity of pancreatic juice appeared recently in man evolution
PE15 36971 Gabriel da Luz Wallau Mosquitoes Mobilome
PE16 38831 isabela Alvim Assortative Mating in Brazilian Populations
PE17 38854 Julliane Dutra Medeiros Insights into the population history of free-living bacteria as counted by their CRISPR inventory
PE18 38731 LETICIA FERREIRA LIMA Evaluation of the accuracy of the MLrelate kinship analysis program when no parents are sampled
PE19 36820 Lissur Azevedo Orsine Walking through old routes to reach new destinations: unraveling the origin of the mammary gland
PE20 38613 NILSON DA ROCHA COIMBRA Highly resolved phylogeny for Corynebacteriales
PE21 38690 Paulo Massanari Tokimatu Filho Analysis of comparative genomics reveal evidence of positive selection on pathogenicity­-related genes of Witches' broom disease on cocoa trees
PE22 38369 Ricardo Assunção Vialle Secondary structure changes according to evolutionary age
PE23 37372 Tarcisio José Domingos Coutinho Biological modules associated with prophage density in pathogenic and commensal Escherichia coli
PE24 37439 TETSU SAKAMOTO Improving the supertree approach by analyzing protein clusters with paralogs and including distance data
Proteins and Proteomics - 16th November   
Code Subm ID Presented by Tittle
PR01 38509 Adriano Velasque Werhli Prediction of protein stability changes upon single point mutation using Ensemble Learning
PR02 37423 Alexandre Victor Fassio nAPOLI: a web tool for protein-ligand interactions analysis
PR03 37689 Aline Beatriz Mello Rodrigues Modeling MS native-state amide hydrogen exchange through structural and dynamical properties.
PR04 36965 Anton Semenchenko Characterization of the EF-IV (LepA) influence on mRNA translation by in-silico cell-free protein expression
PR05 38504 Arthur de Carvalho e Silva Bioinformatics approaches to identify, classify and prioritize protein kinases as drug targets in Schistosoma japonicum
PR06 38223 Arun Kumar Jaiswal In silcio Identification of common putative vaccine candidates against Treponema pallidum: A reverse vaccinology based approach
PR07 37455 Carlos A. H. Fernandes In silico structural studies of phospholipases A2 inhibitors from snake blood
PR08 36507 Kauê Santana da Costa Structural Analysis of Alba Proteins of Leishmania infantum
PR09 37544 Kauê Santana da Costa Mutational Analysis of Human K-ras G12C and Design and Molecular Docking of ARS-853 derivatives
PR10 40194 Caroline Leonel Vasconcelos de Campos Characterization of the proteome of four strains of Lactococcus lactis with biotechnological relevance
PR11 37671 Charles A. Santana GReMLIN: A graph mining strategy to infer protein-ligand interaction patterns
PR12 38888 Ricardo Lemes Gonçalves Screening of compounds candidate to inhibit the interaction monomer - monomer of the NS1 protein of dengue virus: an approach for docking and molecular dynamics.
PR13 38266 Cristiane Toledo T lymphocytes epitopes prediction to access immunological response from Chagas diseases patient samples
PR14 37085 Diego Mariano Structural pattern detection for engineering more efficient enzymes for second-generation biofuel production
PR15 37021 Felipe de Lima Almeida GAPC1 and HSP90.1 proteins may have an important role in the oxidative stress in Saccharum spp.
PR16 38942 Fernando Limoeiro Lara de Oliveira Automation of polyproteins GAG and GAG-POL-1 cleavage site mapping: A study of large scale molecular docking
PR17 38535 Gabriel Monteiro da Silva In Silico Binding Site Analysis of E6 Oncoproteins from High-Risk European HPV variants
PR18 36509 Gustavo Santos de Oliveira Non-Homology-Based Prediction of Protein Target Regions by Logistic Regression
PR19 36495 Heitor Cappato Ligand-Based Pharmacophore Modeling and Virtual Screening of Plant-Derived Ligands for the Alpha-Amylase and Alpha-Glycosidase
PR20 38822 Kleber Santiago Freitas e Silva Isocitrate lyase protein-protein interaction assay of Paracoccidioides spp.
PR21 38825 Kleber Santiago Freitas e Silva In silico repurposing of approved drugs for paracoccidioidomycosis
PR22 37548 James Siqueira Pereira Modeling and Molecular Docking of the largest subunit of the Ribulose-1,5-Bisphosfate Carboxylase/Oxygenase (RuBisCO) from Alkalinema sp. CACIAM 70d.
PR23 37438 João Pedro Areias de Moraes GASS-WEB: a web server for identifying enzyme active sites based on genetic algorithms
PR24 37374 Joyce Villa Verde Bastos Borba Definition and Comparative Analisis of the kinomes of Lesihmania infantum and L. braziliensis.
PR25 38559 Júlia Barbieri de Oliveira Souza In silico intrinsic disorder analysis of ß-crystallin B2 protein and mutations that cause congenital cataract
PR26 38508 Karina Machado Data Mining for characterization of nanotoxicity in mitochondrial ion channels induced by carbon nanotubes
PR27 38628 Larissa Fernandes Leijoto PPI-signature: homologous proteins interact with different partners in the same way
PR28 37089 Lucas Carrijo de Oliveira Using sequence weighting to improve residue correlation analisys
PR29 38636 Luciane Sussuchi da Silva Isocitrate Lyase of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: Effects of Cofactor on Dynamical Stability and Virtual Screening of Natural Products
PR30 36689 Lucianna Helene Silva dos Santos Selecting structure-based virtual screening hits using chemoinformatics tools: a case study with HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
PR31 38816 Manuela Leal da Silva 24-c-sterol-methyltransferase as a target for the design of new anti-trypanosomatids drugs
PR32 38552 Marcelo Querino Lima Afonso Analysis of Amino Acid coevolved sets in the Low Molecular Weight Phosphatase protein family by Molecular Dynamics
PR33 38392 Natalia Florencio Martins In silico prediction and comparative studies on plant GPCRs
PR34 36494 Núbia Souza Prates Cluster analysis of AcrB protein molecular dynamics conformations
PR35 37717 Otaviano Martins Monteiro Comparison Between a Graph-Based Metodology and the LSQKAB to Check Proteins Similarities
PR36 37388 Pedro Geraldo Pascutti Protein Folding by Generalized Simulated Annealing and Molecular Dynamics Methods
PR37 38706 Rafael Eduardo Oliveira Rocha Inhibition Resistance Mechanism for the Product of Beta-Glucosidases, a Computational Approach
PR38 37256 Rafael Ferreira Soares Identification of druggable binding sites in ribose-5-phosphate isomerase of T. cruzi
PR39 37316 Rafael Nicolay B. da Silva New annotation strategies: from sequence to 3D structure
PR40 38723 Rangeline Azevedo da Silva Identification of non-homologous isofunctional enzymes in the antioxidant system of plants and phytopathogens
PR41 37329 Ricardo Valle Ladewig Zappala Prospecting novel proteins from Deinococcus radiodurans: a model for putative heat shock proteins
PR42 37910 Rodrigo de Oliveira Almeida Metabolic pathway prediction of enzymes: a machine learning approach
PR43 37393 Samuel da Silva Guimarães Mutation Analysis for AgrC from Staphylococcus aureus
PR44 37306 Sócrates Soares Araújo Júnior VERMONT: A tool for mutation visualization
PR45 38346 Thaís Couto Laureano Standardization of the ribosomal protein genes nomenclature in Leishmania major
PR46 37320 Tiago Antônio de Oliveira Mendes Metabolic changes of pathogenic and nonpathogenic Leishmania species during host cell infection by integration of mathematical models, quantitative proteomics and untargeted 1H-NMR
PR47 37253 Vanessa dos Santos Silva Molecular interactions between NF-?B and thiopheneacetamide during mycobacteria infection
PR48 38928 Vinícius de Rezende Rodovalho Development of a peptide-based electrochemical biosensor for juvenile idiopathic arthritis diagnosis
PR49 37385 Viviane Correa Santos Development of cruzain selective inhibitors by structure based virtual screening
PR50 37432 Maria Cristina Baracat Pereira Characterization of an antimicrobial peptide from eggplant leaves as an inhibitor of carboxypeptidase
PR51 37433 Maria Cristina Baracat Pereira Proteomic analysis of seminal plasma from stallions (Mangalarga Marchador) influenced by seasonality
PR52 38653 Roosevelt Alves da Silva Peptides modulators of malate synthase of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis obtained from Protein-Protein interactions and docking simulations
PR53 38710 Roosevelt Alves da Silva FlexSPS: A Monte Carlo update for protein refinement from I-TASSER models
PR54 36197 Sabrina Mendonça Molecular docking and structural optimization of bioactive compounds from natural products against 1-UAP of L. braziliensis
PR55 37248 Sabrina Mendonça Mutational Analysis of the Virion Infectivity Factor (Vif) of HIV-1 subtype F2 and its influence on the interactions with APOBECs
PR56 38800 Liliane Pereira de Araújo In silico study of Hypoxanthine-guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase inhibitors for drug design against Leishmania species
PR57 38804 Liliane Pereira de Araújo In silico screening of semi arid plant compounds targeting 5-Lipooxygenase (LOX)
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PR58 38811 Wagner Rodrigues de Assis Soares Virtual screening of natural compounds from Brazilian semi arid plants targeting GABA receptor inhibitors
Systems Biology and Networks - 17th November   
Code Subm ID Presented by Tittle
SB01 38692 Andre Fonseca An intuitive network-based approach to investigate clinical features among breast cancer subtypes
SB02 38914 Caroline D Monteiro GEN3VA: Aggregation and Analysis of Gene Expression Signatures from Related Studies
SB03 38807 Edgar Lacerda de Aguiar Analysis and Mining Onco-targets Breast through Ontology
SB04 38839 Fabiano Sviatopolk Mirsky Pais Gene network analysis of melanoma cancer development
SB05 38941 Fernanda Caroline dos Santos Metabolic pathways involved in bovine temperament
SB06 37567 Fernando Marcon Passos Using Systems Biology to understand Immunosenescence
SB07 38664 Francisco Schneider Design and Engineering of Synthetic Biological Systems for Medical Diagnosis
SB08 37472 Gabriel Baldissera Influence of a high-fat diet in the cerebellar tissue of Cockayne Syndrome mice
SB09 37670 Iara Dantas de Souza Construction of metabolic map in lead poisoning
SB10 37430 Isaque Katahira Pattern Recognition in genomic sequences: A case of study using complex networks
SB11 37289 José Carlos Merino Mombach Logical Modeling of Cellular Senescense Induced by DNA Damage and TGFbeta signaling
SB12 37384 José Carlos Merino Mombach A logical model for the bimodal p53 switch in cell-fate control
SB13 37353 Ivan Rodrigo Wolf Saccharomyces cerevisiae Protein-Protein Interaction Network Reconstruction to Study Ethanol Tolerance
SB14 37135 Katia de Paiva Lopes Global coexpression analysis of human protein-coding genes
SB15 38005 Kelin Gonçalves de Oliveira RTNsurvival: An R package for survival analysis from regulatory networks
SB16 38419 Kelin Gonçalves de Oliveira Interactome analysis of FGFR2 – a potential therapeutic target in breast cancer.
SB17 38655 Lucas Miguel de Carvalho Integrating omics data from xylose-fermenting yeast using network dynamic modeling for bioethanol production
SB18 38494 Luciane Sussuchi da Silva Gene Regulatory Network Modeling for Mycelium-to-Yeast Transition of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis
SB19 36886 Mindy Muñoz Miranda Cancer immunology of Cutaneous Melanoma: A Systems Biology Approach
SB20 38815 Pablo Augusto de Souza Fonseca Identifying metabolic processes shared among genome-wide association studies for reproductive phenotypes in bovine
SB21 36282 Pedro de Sá Tavares Russo CEMiTool: Co-expression Modules Identification Tool
SB22 38877 Rayson Carvalho Barbosa Ancestrality and evolution of genes related with apoptosis
SB23 38742 Vincent Noel SigNetSim : A web tool for modeling and analyzing quantitative biochemical networks
SB24 38792 Vincent Noel Hierarchical Model of the Ras-MAPK signalling pathway in mouse Y1 adrenocortical tumor cells
SB25 37532 Vinicius Jardim Carvalho ANOVA-like method for differential correlation of multiple networks analysis of biological data
SB26 38490 João Pacifico Bezerra Neto Understanding transcriptional strategy for Inositol pathway in soybean root dehydration stress tolerance
Genes and Genomics - 17th November   
Code Subm ID Presented by Tittle
GE01 38488 João Pacifico Bezerra Neto AMP-Identifier: A Unix shell script for antimicrobial peptide identification
GE02 38352 Adhemar Zerlotini Neto Detection of potential genetic variants affecting gene function in Guzerat cattle
GE03 36881 Alexandra Antonieta Urrutia Zegarra The first complete genome sequence of Streptococcus dysgalatiae subsp. dysgalactiae an emerging fish pathogen
GE04 37556 Alexandre Hild Aono Preliminary analysis of functional SNPs mining from GBS data using GATK in a sugarcane map population
GE05 37486 Almir José Ferreira Genome analysis of E. nigrum and other filamentous fungi reveals molecular mechanisms related to endophytic/pathogenic lifestyles
GE06 37351 Ana Carolina Barbosa Caetano A novel hierarchical in silico approach for the prediction of drug and vaccine targets against Chlamydophila pneumoniae
GE07 37287 André de Souza Santos The genomic basis for the variable biochemical profiles that lead to erroneous identifications of emerging pathogenic Corynebacterium spp.
GE08 37512 Arthur Gruber Combining profile Hidden Markov Models and small RNA pattern based strategies to identify novel Endogenous Viral Elements (EVEs) and exogenous viruses
GE09 38936 Arthur Lorenzi Almeida Relative Evaluation of NoSQL Databases For Manipulating Genotype Data
GE10 37470 Augusto Schrank Genomic identification and patterns of expression of secondary metabolite gene clusters in the entomopathogen fungus Metarhizium anisopliae.
GE11 36641 Bárbara Zanandreiz de Siqueira Mattos Genotoxicity testing in-silico: quantification of the DNA mutation caused by the glycosidic bond hydrolysis
GE12 37273 Braulio Roberto Gonçalves Marinho Couto Linear Algebra Methods for Inferring Phylogenies Based on Peptides Frequencies Vectors: An Efficient Alternative Method to Investigate Relationships among Genes, Genomes and Organisms
GE13 36437 Brena Mota Moitinho Sant'Anna In silico genomic analysis of the endophytic bacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 629
GE14 38837 Carolina Guimarães Ramos Matosinho CattleQTLdb analysis to increase understanding of the functions of milk proteins genes
GE15 38438 Daniel Vasconcelos Rissi A comparison of two pipelines for metagenomic 16S rRNA using Ion Torrent (PGM) Sequencing Platform
GE16 38893 Darueck Acácio Campos Inference of distant homologs in Protozoa by pHMM–pHMM (profile Hidden Markov Model) comparison for the identification of superfamilies
GE17 38511 DAVID BATISTA MAUÉS Genome mining of biosynthetic gene clusters in Nostoc sp. CACIAM 19, a cyanobacterium from an Amazonian environment
GE18 37027 Doglas Parise Assembly, annotation and comparison of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis lineages
GE19 37381 Felipe Borim Correa Establishment of a pipeline for 16S-based metagenomic studies of Mycobacterium leprae
GE20 37245 Filipe Pereira Matteoli Draft genome of Serratia marcescens UENF 22-GI: a plant growth promoting bacterium isolated from vermicompost
GE21 37799 Flavia Figueira Aburjaile Characterization of phage sequences on Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis genomes
GE22 38531 Gabriel Wajnberg The discovery of novel multiple small deletions within human coding genes associated to known lung cancer pathways.
GE23 36697 Hanaisa de Pla e Sant Anna Admixture Mapping of Brazilians Identifies New Obesity Susceptibility Loci
GE24 38704 Helisson Faoro Genomic analysis of opportunistic bacteria from Herbaspirillum genus isolated from immunocompromised patients
GE25 37454 Hemanoel Passarelli Araujo Prediction and analysis of plasmids from multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterobacter aerogenes clinical isolates
GE26 38746 Heron Hilário Draft genome sequence of the extremophile endemic marine antarctic yeast Metchnikowia australis
GE27 37575 Hugo Rody Vianna Silva GBS data from a population of modern sugarcane variety reveals duplicate genes retained by breeding process
GE28 38513 Ígor Bonadio Ab initio characterization of promoter regions based on Conditional Random Fields
GE29 38573 Isabella Tanus Job e Meira Identification of somatic mutations in prostate adenocarcinoma with Gleason score 7 and 8 and their associations with biochemical recurrence
GE30 38868 Janynne Stephanie de Oliveira Palheta Metagenomic analysis of the Southern Brazilian Atlantic Forest soil using next-generation sequencing technologies
GE31 36229 Jerusa Botelho Souza Design of chimeric antigens of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) through bioinformatics approaches: a rational model for the development of a diagnostic test
GE32 37456 João Luís Reis Cunha Chromosomal copy number variation reveals extensive levels of genomic plasticity among and within Trypanosoma cruzi DTUs
GE33 37461 João Luís Reis Cunha Modular variability of multigene families encoding surface proteins uncovers differential composition of motifs among Trypanosoma cruzi strains
GE34 37313 Juliano De Oliveira Silveira Searching for genomic elements of sexual reproduction in a microsporidian pathogen
GE35 37449 Kanhu charan Moharana Impact of non-synonymous mutations in adaptive diversification and domestication of soybean
GE36 37064 Larissa Catharina Costa Identification of Specific Enzymes in the Comparison between Fusarium oxysporum and Arabidopsis thaliana
GE37 38525 Simone Nantes de Aquino Study of Chromatin Remodeling in Colorectal Cancer Progression
GE38 37312 Cristóvão Antunes de Lanna Genotypic characterization of Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains isolated in Brazil
GE39 37921 Leandro de Oliveira Santos Comparative genomic analysis of clinical and environmental strains of Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated in Brazil: insight into their virulence potencial
GE40 37922 Leandro de Oliveira Santos Identification of Pho regulon genes and Pho box-like sequences in genomes of clinical and environmental isolates of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from Brazil
GE41 38402 Letícia de Castro Oliveira Characterization of the probiotic and stress resistance-related genes of Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis NCDO 2118 through comparative genomics and in vitro assays.
GE42 36767 Liliane Conteville Diagnostic metagenomics: a case study based on suspected dengue infection
GE43 38799 Luís Henrique Spacial Organization of Genomes: Insights on coordinated regulation of Biological Pathways
GE44 38850 Luiza de Almeida Ferreira Diniz In silico identification of the effects of genetic variants in transcription factors recognition sites in regulatory regions of candidate genes for reproductive disorders in cattle
GE45 37154 Marcele Laux Within and between gene variants: tracking for potential targets for populational linkage according to the metagenomic profile in a changing freshwater environment
GE46 40196 Marcus Vinicius Canário Viana Complete genome sequence of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis 33
GE47 38309 MAURICIO DE ALVARENGA MUDADU Genotype imputation of Hereford and Bradford bovine breeds from Brazil
GE48 38729 Melise Chaves Silveira An hierarchical classification system for beta-lactamases
GE49 39144 Melline Fontes Noronha Metagenomics insights reveals functional patterns among soil microbial communities of global biomes
GE50 37350 Murillo Peterlini Tavares In silico prediction of auxiliary activity enzymes secreted by the fungus Chrysoporthe cubensis
GE51 38906 Rafael Cabus Gantois Comparative Genomics between two different biovars of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis isolated in the same host
GE52 37072 Rafael Lucas Muniz Guedes A comparative in silico linear B-cell epitope prediction for South American and African Trypanosoma vivax strains
GE53 36776 Rafael Mina Piergiorge Detection of Functional Analogous Enzymes in the Human Metabolism
GE54 37266 Rafaela Leite Prado Rocha LTR retrotransposons in Hemileia vastatrix genome
GE55 38795 Raquel Riyuzo de Almeida Franco Diversity analysis of Howler monkey (Alouatta spp.) fecal microbiota
GE56 37251 Rennan Garcias Moreira Variant in the PDE4B related to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia relapse is differentiated in Native Americans
GE57 38528 sandeep tiwari Cell cycle and metabolism related candidate human synthetic lethal network
GE58 36785 Sergio Mascarenhas Morgado tRNA array genomic survey unravels their presence and structure in Mycobacteria
GE59 37972 Sheila Tiemi Nagamatsu Identification of genetic variations in engineered yeast for xylose consumption and acetic acid resistance applied to second generation ethanol production
GE60 38526 Tahila Andrighetti Taxonomic identification of metagenomics reads based on sequence features by Support Vector Machines (SVM)
GE61 38218 Syed babar Jamal Bacha In silico approaches to predict the impact of leukemic DNMT3a mutations & Identification of leads based on drug decitabine using Complex Based Pharmacophore Mapping and Virtual Screening
GE62 38219 Syed babar Jamal Bacha In-silico analyses for the discovery of drug and vaccine targets in Corynebacterium camporealensis: A Novel Hierarchical Approach
GE63 38718 Tania Carlice Lopes Pereira dos Reis Investigation of mutations in the HBB gene using the 1000 GENOMES databank
GE64 36368 Thaís Cunha de Sousa Cardoso Prediction of microRNAs and miRNA pathway genes in Solanum lycopersicum and Solanum pennellii
GE65 38686 Thiago de Jesus Sousa Detection and correction mis-assemblies in genome of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis
GE66 37346 Túlio Morgan Identification and variability analysis of monooxygenase gene family from Chrysoporthe cubensis
GE67 38477 Victor Barbosa Insights into Klebsiella penumoniae type VI secretion system regulation
GE68 37311 Victor Octavio Borda Pua Inferring the genetic structure and the history of interaction between Andean and Amazonian human populations using genome-wide data
GE69 38823 Bruna Piereck Moura HD-zip classification in Vigna unguiculata and comparative synteny with Phaseolus vulgaris
Software Development and Databases- 17th November   
Code Subm ID Presented by Tittle
SW01 37555 Bruna Piereck Moura Text mining for HPC
SW02 36487 Alessandra Lima da Silva R script to HLA epitope predictor based in matrix frequency: training and performance comparisons
SW03 38674 Aryel Marlus Repula de Oliveira NCBI NR Protein Database Clustered by Homology Inference
SW04 37841 Bruno Henrique Ribeiro da Fonseca A comprehensive database of mirtrons knowledge
SW05 36863 Carlos Alves Moreira Development a Predictor of Aggregation-protein using Supporting Vector Machine
SW06 38695 Carlos Biagi Jr Meta-analysis of Japanese Toxicogenomics data: differences between in vivo and in vitro models
SW07 36860 Dhiego Souto Andrade Alien: A tool for handling sequence alignments
SW08 38544 Diônata Willian Augusto Evaluation of predictor programs of genomic islands
SW09 40621 Fabiano Menegidio Dugong: a Docker image, inspired on Ubuntu Linux, designed to enhance reproducibility and replicability during computational analyses of biological data
SW10 38302 Fábio Danilo Vieira BDGF: a database and web-based information retrieval system for genotype and phenotype
SW11 37442 Felipe Carrara Couto Software Assessment for Prediction of Gene Clusters: An Analysis in silico with Cyanobacteria of Chroococcales Order
SW12 37447 Felipe Carrara Couto Brimer: A Web System for Managing Primers
SW13 38506 Fernanda Luz Castro Impact of genomic RNA structure and non-coding RNAs in Zika virus neuropathogenesis
SW14 36528 Foued Salmen Espindola Patent Mining as a Tool for Innovation Planning and Biodiversity Access: Technologies of Açai Fruit (Euterpe oleraceae Mart).
SW15 36958 Gilderlanio Santana de Araújo Towards Transparent and Reproducible Bioinformatics Analyses: the EPIGEN-Brazil Scientific Workflow
SW16 36699 Jaqueline Ramalho mirhunt: an approach to predict microRNA binding sites using different prediction tools
SW17 37379 Jaqueline Yu Ting Wang Noninvasive prenatal paternity determination by SNPs and microhaplotypes
SW18 37896 Laura Rabelo Leite Linking microbial community composition and potential functional roles using shotgun metagenomic libraries
SW19 38716 Leandro Costa do Nascimento The Polyploid Gene Assembler (PGA)
SW20 38841 George de Vasconcelos Carvalho Neto ATENA: A decision support system for classifying genetic variants and clinical diagnosis
SW21 38852 George de Vasconcelos Carvalho Neto The importance of an adequate soft-­clip based approach on bioinformatics pipelines for multiplex targeted next-generation sequencing
SW22 38011 Leo Rodrigues Biscassi DevOps cloud-computing environment to perform virtual screening
SW23 37395 Liliane Santana Oliveira Kashiwabara Novel bioinformatic approaches for viral discovery from NGS data
SW24 38637 Lucas Ferreira Capturing experimental detail in a paperless environment – Scarab, an Electronic Lab Notebook developed and used at the Structural Genomics Consortium
SW25 38643 Lucas Ferreira Have you ever wanted to learn about the cladistics origin of operons? Take our TAXI (Taxonomic Innovations)
SW26 40034 Luiz Carlos Junior Alcantara An automated method for the identification of Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya virus species and genotypes
SW27 37744 Maria Fernanda Hussni Database Model for Fish Collection
SW28 37075 Mariana Teixeira Dornelles Parise LabControl: a LIMS software to manage microbial data
SW29 38748 Marlon Amaro Coelho Teixeira Using Data Marts to Select Related Research Articles: A Case Study for the Prioritization of Drug Targets
SW30 37490 Michele Araújo Pereira HaploCYP: a software for CYP2D6 genotyping and phenotype prediction
SW31 38616 Natalia Baptista Cruz miRNApath II: plataform to identify miRNAs targets and pathways regulated by miRNAs
SW32 38431 Néli José da Fonseca Júnior PFStats: A tool for protein analysis by decomposition of residue coevolution networks and amino acid reduced alphabets applications
SW33 38489 Pedro Kássio Ribeiro Matos Loureiro de Carvalho Classifiers for patients with breast cancer according to the neoadjuvant chemotherapy sensitivity
SW34 38709 Pedro Magalhães Martins A database for comparative analysis of paradigms for prospecting contacts in protein-protein interfaces
SW35 38732 Marcos F M Silva An approach for constructing a database of manually curated contacts in proteins
SW36 38626 Ricardo Medeiros da Costa Junior Identifying Alternative Splicing Events in RNAseq data using De Bruijn Graphs and Bloom Filters
SW37 38536 RICARDO VOYCEIK DNAShot: an application to Blast DNA Sequence from photos using smart-phone
SW38 38622 Sérgio Nery Simões A graphical tool for data integration and analysis of complex diseases
SW39 37453 Thiago Peixoto Leal Network Algorithm To Relatedness Analysis (NAToRA)
SW40 40019 Vagner Soares Ribeiro visGReMLIN: An interactive strategy to visualize common substructures in protein-ligand interaction