Phylogeny and Evolution

Phylogeny and Evolution 
PE01 Adrielle Ayumi de Vasconcelos Positive selection evidences on Moniliophthora PR-1 genes suggest evolution towards pathogenicity role
PE02 Ana Lúcia Anversa Segatto An integrative approach to understand species delimitation in Petunia
PE03 Arthur Pereira da Fonseca Retina development pathway construction and evolutionary analyses through text-mining and orthologue clustering tools.
PE04 Arthur Pereira da Fonseca If menstruation is recent in evolution of great primates, how ancient are the genes that control its periods?
PE05 Aureliano Coelho Proença Guedes Classification, diversity and structural analysis of Ammonium Transporters
PE06 Aureliano Coelho Proença Guedes Classification of Substrate Binding Proteins in a Signal Transduction Context
PE07 Beatriz Moura Kfoury de Castro The origin of the stoma was during the Paleozoic era, as ancient genes were co-opted by the stoma system
PE08 Daniel Silva Araújo Characterization of the mitochondrial genome of Phellinotus piptadeniae (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetales) and insights on the phylogeny of Agaricomycetes through comparative 
PE10 Fenícia Brito Evolution of lignocellulose degradation characterizes the adaptation for heterotrophy to carbohydrates that appeared in Fungi
PE11 Gabriel Sánchez Hueck Comparative genomics of R-body determinants
PE12 Gianlucca Gonçalves Nicastro Comparative genomics of the type four secretion system pumping ATPases VirD4/VirB4 from the FtsK–HerA superfamily reveals a new clade in the Candidate Phyla Radiation.
PE13 Guilherme Bastos Gomes Phylogenetic analysis of the TRAFAC class and discovery of the first prokaryotic septin
PE14 Letícia Ferreira Lima TOLL receptor gene family evolution in insects
PE15 Liliane Santana Oliveira Kashiwabara Profile HMMs as auxiliary tools for the taxonomic classification of viruses: a case study using Spounarivinae phages
PE16 Mateus Martins Frasnelli Functional genomics of the Rhipicephalus microplus tick infection process by Metarhizium anisopliae: unraveling the mechanisms of host-pathogen infection
PE17 Monique Schreiner SWeeP and machine learning in supertree construction: family Formicidae analysis
PE18 Nilson Coimbra Reconstructing the phylogeny of Corynebacteriales while accounting for Horizontal Gene Transfer
PE19 Paula Luize Camargos Fonseca Introns and homing endonucleases shape mitochondrial genomes of fungal species from Hypocreales order (Ascomycota)
PE20 Pedro de Gusmão Ribeiro Mitogenome data reveals strong differentiation among the isolated populations of Heliconius hermathena: a white sand ecosystem specialist.
PE21 Pedro Gabriel Nachtigall MITGARD: an automated pipeline for mitochondrial genome assembly based on RNA-seq data
PE22 Rafael Luiz Vieira Mercuri Identification of intragenic retrocopies in chimaric transcripts in humans
PE23 Renato Renison Moreira Oliveira SPLACE: a tool to SPLit, Align and ConcatenatE genes for phylogenetic inference
PE24 Thieres Tayroni Martins da Silva Fastly evolving genes in parrots (Aves, Psittacidae) are associated with developmental processes