Organizing Committee

AB3C Directory Board

AB3C President: Glória R Franco (UFMG)

AB3C Vice President: Alan M Durham (USP)

AB3C Secretaries: Marcelo Brandão (Unicamp) and Ney Lemke (Unesp)

AB3C Financial Department: Priscila Grynberg (Embrapa) and Fábio Passetti (Fiocruz)


Organizing and Scientific Committee

Poster Session Organizers: Nicole Scherer (INCA) and Mainá Bitar (UFMG)

Oral Presentations Organizer: Fábio Passetti (Fiocruz)

Local Committee: Vasco Azevedo (UFMG), Liza Felicori (UFMG), Rafaela Ferreira (UFMG), Lucas Bleicher (UFMG), Mainá Bitar (UFMG/QIMR)

About us



The Brazilian Association of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (AB3C) is a scientific society funded in July 12th 2004. Since its creation, AB3C has been responsible for the annual conference entitled “X-Meeting”, which is the main Bioinformatics and Computation Biology event in Brazil. This year its 12th edition will be held in Belo Horizonte.

Bioinformatics is a strategic research subject for Brazil and Latin America and, therefore, it is also considered as a key factor to the development of Science, Technology and Economy. The X-Meeting is a Brazilian conference with international reach, which has an average of 400 participants. The conference is an excellent opportunity for students, researchers and companies to interact and to strengthen scientific collaborations. AB3C is a pioneer society in Bioinformatics field in Brazil and we have a tradition of organizing productive meetings in which high-level scientific works are presented.



Bioinformatics is now a strategic area for Brazil and all Latin America and, therefore, it is also strategic to the development of Science, Technology and Economy. The X-Meeting is a Brazilian event with international reach which has an average of 400 participants. The Conference is an opportunity for students, researchers and companies to interact and diffuse knowledge. The AB3C has been a pioneer society in the field of Bioinformatics in Brazil and we have a history of ten past very productive meetings:


Year Venue Participants
2003 Ribeirão Preto (Icobicobi) 400
2004 Angra dos Reis (Icobicobi) 400
2005 Caxambu 300
2006 Fortaleza (com ISCB – ISMB) 1000
2007 São Paulo 350
2008 Salvador 300
2009 Angra dos Reis 350
2010 Ouro Preto 400
2011 Florianópolis (com SoIBio) 450
2012 Campinas 350
2013 Recife 310
2014 Belo Horizonte 410
2015 São Paulo 324