Gustavo Daniel Parisi

Independent Researcher (2014-present). CONICET.
Titular Professor (2015-present, Biochemistry). National University of Quilmes. Bernal. Argentina. Adjunct Professor (2009-present, Bioinformatics). National University of La Plata. La Plata. Argentina. Director “Structural Bioinformatic Group”, National University of Quilmes. Bernal. Argentina.
Director Priority Research Program National University of Quilmes “Simulación de procesos moleculares de relevancia fisicoquímica y biológica” 2011-2019
Director of Bioinformatic’s University Degree. National University of Quilmes
President of the Asociacion Argentina de Bioinformatica y Biologia Computacional (A2B2C) 2015- 26 years College Teaching Experience (Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Physical-Chemistry)


Conformational diversity: an essential concept to understand protein biology

The native state of proteins is composed of conformers in a dynamical equilibrium. Here we explored different issues related with conformational diversity using a curated and experimentally based database called CoDNaS. This database is a collection of redundant structures for the same sequence. CoDNaS estimates the degree of conformational diversity using different global and local structural similarity measures. It allows to explore how structural differences among conformers change as a function of several features related with structure estimation (type of structure estimation (NMR, RX), presence of bound ligands, oligomeric change, post-translational modifications, pH, presence of disorder, etc) as well as biological information (biological function, taxonomy, fold class, etc).   We have used CoDNaS to explore the influence of protein evolution in conformational diversity, the efect of mutations in different conformers, the distribituion of conformacional diversity in structural space and its relationship with the occurrence of protein disorder.