Resort of São Pedro: Beautiful, warm and full of challenges

The Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde was founded on October 5, 1978.



Throughout all these years, the Hotel has gone from a farmhouse with few apartments to a structure of 200 thousand square meters with 153 apartments, a grand Convention Center and a whole leisure area in which its guests can relax and enjoy the nature, always maintaining the simplicity of its origin.

Our Hotel is perfect for those looking for an attractive program for the whole family.

The kids have fun at little Colina farm, activities at our water park, game room and playground. Adults can relax in our pools and hydro-spa, stay in shape in our sports and adventure complex or simply enjoy the tranquility of the countryside.

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Traditionally known for its natural beauty, versatility is part of the characteristic of the tourist resort of São Pedro. Located in São Paulo, about 200 km from the state capital, the city of just over 32,000 inhabitants lies on the slopes of Itaqueri.


At the same time offering a diverse hotel chain for those seeking rest and tranquility, it is visited by thousands of adventurers who enjoy rappel, jeep trails, hang gliding flights and paragliding, ballooning, off-road and waterfall baths.

With its urban area cut by streams and pine Fern, São Pedro's birthplace of Rio Jacare-Pupira. It is 580 meters above sea level and has in its favor a mild and pleasant weather that lasts almost all year. At the top of the mountain waterfalls draw attention by the natural falls, surrounded by greenery.

It is also there which is the cliff Cruise Machete, the distillery's famous Cachaça Board, the antiquarian Vila Del Capo, St. Anthony Church, which holds a relic of the saint of Padua donated by the Vatican, and also the centennial Presbyterian Church Boa Vista Alligator - one of the first in Brazil.


In addition to the Free Flight Ramp, the resort is known for one of its most beautiful postcards of the Christ Aureliano Esteves Park, where tourists can enjoy the view at the top and on a clear day, see neighboring municipalities, such as Piracicaba and Rio Of course.

Among the cultural and historical attractions that make all the difference, the Department of Tourism highlights Museum Gustavo Teixeira, which bears the name of his son and greatest poet. In Boulevard Dona Hermelinda there is a fair of arts and crafts with the best of local produce. Already the Fair Producer in the neighborhood Santa Cruz, every Saturday morning the residents of the rural area sell horticultural products, cheeses, artisan sweets - and also has fashion viola to follow.

Even in urban areas it is possible to walk and exercise in the Park Maria Angelica Manfrinato. In addition to the pleasant climate produced by several species of trees, has a beautiful lake, kiosks, mineral water fountain, playground for children and also the Artisans Association of the store of São Pedro, Art's Trama.

Among the main events of the annual calendar, São Pedro is known for the traditional Carnival Family, the staging of the Passion of Christ, fairs of St. Joseph, St. Anthony and São Pedro, the Meeting of Motorcyclists and Week Gustavo Teixeira.

To enhance this, the cuisine is marked from luxurious dinners served in hotels like the hillbilly food made in the wood stove in the restaurants and inns. And for those who love dessert, sweet Jaracatiá, typical fruit of the region harvested only in February, is something that the tourist can not fail to try.

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