Hotel Information

Reservations should be made directly with the Hotel:

Hotel Fonte Colina Verde – São Pedro – SP
Rua Veríssimo Prado, 1500 CEP 13520-000
Fone/Fax – 019 3481.9999
Toll-Free – 0800.13.1009
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site: www.hotelcolinaverde.com.br        


Special Prices for the Event (prices per person/day) 

Room Type  

X-meeting participants  

 Other Guests 


R$ 375,00

R$ 425,00


R$ 255,00

R$ 305,00


R$ 230,00

R$ 280,00


R$ 140,00

R$ 240,00


R$ 140,00

R$ 240,00


  • All prices include 3 daily!

  • We have negotiated special rates with the hotel so all participants can stay together and maximize interaction. There are also special prices for those who want to take their familie: one free child (up to 10 years old) per apartment. There will be activities for those extra guests(train rides, dance classes, hidry gymnastics, walking tours, horse rides, ecological trails, etc. (The activities will be programmed depending on the number of children and non-participant guests)
  • A service tax of 3% will be added to each guest's bill. 



  • Reservations will require downpayment of 20%. The rest will be charged at the end of the say. 
  • Reservations and payment are the responsibility of the guests