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Welcome to X-meeting XPerience

This year our conference will be a little bit different. Due to the COVID19 and all the maneuvers needed for social distancing, the X-Meeting XP will be completely virtual.

key features

what to expect from the event


 X-Meeting XP was planned to facilitate the interaction among registrants 

Round tables

The place were ideas and open discussion will take place.

Keynote speakers

Tendencies and new areas to be explored will be presented

Pre event

Courses, SIGs and ISCB regional student group will take place before main event

Registration Discount

In addition to all AB3C associates, all members of scientific societies affiliated to SBPC will have a special discount to register for X-meeting
Além dos sócios da AB3C, todos os associados a sociedades afiliadas à SBPC terão um desconto diferenciado para se registrar no X-meeting