Software demonstration

Instructions for Software Demonstration submission

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You may apply your software creation for a brief demonstration during the X-meeting. To do so please check if you have all those:

  1. The software paper must not be older than 2 years upon event date;
  2. It must be open source or free of charge distribution;
  3. The download site must be up and running for peer reviewer;

If you answer yes to all the above you are eligible for this year Software Demonstration. To submit your proposal you will need:

  1. A description of the software functionality up to 3650 characters;
  2. Name of, up to, two software presenters;
  3. Link to the software original publication, website or repository. Please include this information on your software description mentioned above;

Submitting your proposal for Software Demonstration automatically enables you for Xpress presentation or Highlight tracks presentation, you do not need to duplicate your submission on those modalities. But Xpress presentation and Highlight tracks submission DOES NOT enable you for Software Demonstration.

Keep in mind that you will be on a social environment so, please build your presentation following the good sense and common awareness avoiding offensive un-ethical statements during your presentation.