The X-Meeting in 2023 is hiring volunteers!

The X-Meeting in 2023 is hiring volunteers!
A free registration will be provided to selected volunteers!

To subscribe, you must first collect the following information:

1) A Statement of Purpose: a statement stating why you want to be a volunteer and why you would be a good one (must be in English).

2)Curriculum Vitae complete Link.

3) Availability: Provide specific arrival and departure dates (volunteers which are available to join training before the event may be given priority).

4) An active AB3C registration is required.

Second, please fill out this application form before April 24, 2023.

All three days of the conference  (June 13 - June 16), volunteers are needed, however they will only be needed for certain shifts and locations (details to be provided).

During the event, volunteers will perform several duties, including:

- Assistance for speaker greeting and transportation;

- Technological assistance throughout keynote and round table sessions;

- Speakers help desk;

- Secretarial table;

- Meeting material preparation and distribution;

- Technical assistance before to and during the poster session;

Please rank the aforementioned places in order of preference on your application.

Keep in mind that anyone can register to volunteer for AB3C, but only active members can serve as volunteers.

Best of luck!