Guidelines for Posters presentation

To ensure uniformity and readability across all posters presented at our scientific conference, please adhere to the following design guidelines:

  1. Poster Dimensions: Posters must be a maximum of 90cm wide and 110cm tall. Please ensure your design fits within these dimensions.
  2. Background: Utilise a neutral background, preferably white, to maintain clarity and readability. The text should be in dark letters, preferably black. Avoid using high-contrast colours and large images as background elements.
  3. Title, Authors, and Affiliations: State the title of your research clearly, along with the names of all authors and their affiliations. Make sure to prominently display this information at the top of the poster, ensuring it is fully visible.
  4. Logos: Include the logos of relevant entities, such as universities, research institutions, or funding agencies, either at the top or bottom of the poster. Avoid cluttering the design with excessive logos. You may download the X-Meeting logo here. 
    1. If you choose to incorporate the X-Meeting logo into your design, we kindly ask that you adhere to our brand guidelines. Use of the logo is not mandatory, but if you decide to use it, do not alter its design or resize it in proportions different from the original. Please select a model that fits your design without modifying the established proportions. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the visual integrity of the X-Meeting brand.
  5. All graphical elements, including figures, text, legends, and symbols, should be clear and visible from distances of up to 1.5 meters away. Use appropriately sized fonts and clear graphics to ensure legibility.
  6. Usable Surface: While there is no mandatory template, we encourage presenters to maximise the usable surface area of their posters. Utilise space efficiently to effectively communicate your research findings.
  7. Template Suggestion: A poster design template is available here; use it for your reference. While not mandatory, it provides a recommended layout for maximizing your research presentation.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. Consistency in poster design improves the overall quality of our conference presentations and facilitates effective scientific research communication.